WI-FI extender is a device that helps to capture the wireless signal provided by the router and then it expands the coverage area of a router. It acts as a bridge between the WI-FI router and areas where WI-FI is functioning.

A misconception in the mind of buyers is that it improves the speed and performance of router but it is wrong, it focuses only on extending the coverage area.
There are several things you need to know about NETGEAR EXTENDER.

  1. It works by receiving the signal from WI-FI and transmitting the signal. By using NETGEAR wi-fi extender you can increase area coverage of your Wi-Fi. Reaching all the dead zones where WI-FI cant provides proper coverage, extender helps to cover the dead zones as well
  2. LED- Light Emitting Diodes
    The LED on your NETGEAR EXTENDER helps you to check the status of your connection between the router and the extender. If the signal is strong power button will be on but in case the signal is weak then the power button or emitting diodes will blink shows the connection problem. The problem of connection faces because of the location of the extender with the router.

Colour of light Meaning
Green : Ready to work
Solid green: Your router is ready
Solid amber : Power on
Blinking : Traffic receiving in connectivity
Orange : Connectivity problem
No light : Off

  1. You need to know the difference between WI-FI EXTENDER and WI-FI BOOSTER. Generally, people assume the same meaning of these two terms but the meaning is quite different. On one side where the WI-FI booster helps to boost the speed of the internet and signal on the other hand WI-FI extender helps to increase the coverage area of an existing network.
    There is not any specific location where you need to put the extender. Because of various designs and attractive styles, you can place it anywhere even in your drawing room as well. But one thing must be kept in mind that the extender must be kept within the range of WI-FI.
  1. Most people prefer to keep the extender in between the device or the router. It helps to increase the coverage area and also no problem of disconnection is faced. This location is also considered as the ideal location for Wi-Fi extender.
  2. The wi-fi doesn’t reach outside
    You select a wi-fi, place it at a proper location as well but it only provides services in your house. In winters, if you want to enjoy the warm weather with Netflix on something outside your house in a garden or balcony, you cant, reason? The problem of connectivity. Wi-fi extenders help to reach all the areas of your house.
  3. Intermittent wireless connection
    If you decide to purchase the extender but you go for cheap options, which don’t perform the functions properly, the issue of intermittent wireless connection arises. Make sure you purchase a good quality product. NETGEAR extender is a good option because it provides different models according to your range.
  4. If you purchase the WI-FI extender but it doesn’t connect with the router there are reasons for it. Before proper placement, you need to check
    • Power connections
    • Cables
    • Extender setup
    • Login details, etc.
  5. You need login details for connecting the extender with the device or router. Login details include a user name, password. The password should be set up by the user. It must be unique and can’t be easily accessed by anyone. The password consisting of alphanumeric digits helps to keep the password strong.

These are things you need to know about NETGEAR EXTENDER. There are different models available in the market of extenders by NETGEAR. You need to look for the models available and select the model according to your range and it should match your needs as well.

Topmost things you know about NETGEAR EXTENDER CONFIGURATION

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