WI-FI extender is a device that helps to capture the signals provided by the router and expand the area of coverage of WI-FI. It doesn’t increase the speed and performance of WI-FI but it helps to enhance the coverage area of WI-FI.

It acts as a bridge between the WI-FI router and its areas of functioning. It helps WI-FI to reach those areas which cant be reached by WI-FI easily, the problem of connection is faced by the users in those areas. Extender solves this problem by catching the WI-FI range and extends its range.

 Not all the rooms in your house catch equal connection from WI-FI resulting in bad connections in particular places of the house. If you are this type of problem, you need to purchase a WI-FI extender. The WI-FI extender helps the router to connect with the endpoint which can be the computer, laptop, tablet, mobile, etc.

TIP 1- Decide the budget in advance

If you realize you need to place an extender in your house. You first need to decide how much money you are willing to spend on the NETGEAR WI-FI RANGE EXTENDER. Decide budget in advance helps to decide the model according to your range limit and it also helps to avoid overspending on the extender purchase.

You need to set a minimum amount you want to spend on purchasing and the maximum amount. You can go with the WI-FI EXTENDER you can afford with good performance.

TIP-2 Analyze the performance

You need to check on the performance of extenders available in the market. If you go with the price, you get different options in the same range as well. Here performance factor becomes important. Different models have different levels of performance. You need to select the WI-FI RANGE EXTENDER which is giving you better performance. You can check the ratings of these models for reference.

Feedback given by customers should also consider before purchasing the NETGEAR WI-FI RANGE EXTENDER. The performance of different models is as follows. You can match the performance according to your needs.

Performance ACBandwidth
N300Single-band up to 300MBps
AC750Dual-band offering up to 433MBps
AC1200Dual-band offering up to 1167MBps
AC1750Dual-band offering up to 1750MBps
AC1900Dual-band offering up to 1900MBps

TIP 3 Security Protocol

WI-FI RANGE EXTENDERS support the security protocol. It also helps to keep the network safe and secure but it is always worth checking whether the extender selected by you is meeting the all security obligation or not. To avoid any kind of uncertainty focus on the safety and security of the network for its effective functioning.

TIP 4 Standard compatibility

Before selecting the extender you need to first check the feature of your router. WI-FI RANGE EXTENDER is going o be enhance the coverage area of your WI-FI. So it is advisable to check the compatibility level between the router and the extender.

If the extender matches the standards of the router then purchase the particular model of an extender, if not then try to find the model which matches its needs.

TIP-5 Locate the best place

For the smooth functioning of an extender location, it must be in between the device or the router. You can also place it anywhere else but try to place it within the range of WI-FI.

TIP-6 set a reboot schedule

If you find a problem of rebooting your router from time to time, you need to set up a reboot schedule in advance and select the automatic option of rebooting. It will help to enhance the performance of the extender.

TIP-7 Frequency level

You need to decide whether you want to go for 2.4GHz or 5GHz. The level of frequency also helps to change the level of performance. Whether you want to choose a single band or dual band also decides the performance of the extender.

Before selecting the WI-FI RANGE EXTENDER, you need to compare the different models and also the offers provided by different websites. Different websites offer attractive options to attract the customer. You need to for better quality extender within an affordable range.

Seven quick tips and tricks regarding wi-fi range extender

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